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Deuscastiga – Lamida Vaginal – WithOutMind

Buen Sonido, al hueso.


DEUSCASTIGA – Im Alive Fucking Dead

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Muy pocas veces quedo tan enamorado de una banda al escucharla solo una vez, con esta eso me paso, no la he sacado del playlist del reproductor.. Excelente, al hueso, una mezcla del powerviolence y grindcore, pero Justa, Exacta!

Fue un aporte directo de la banda que me llego al correo, así que dejo la descripción que me enviaron:


Deus Castiga is a grindcore band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, started in 2006 by Thiago Paiva (Drums) and

Rafael Parra (Guitar) only to test new sound equipment. But after 13 songs done, we noticed that it would be cool

to have a complete band to play them. That’s when Paulo (Bass) and Anderson Ferracini (Vocal) joined the

band in 2009 to breakout all the violence in EP “Im alive fucking dead”.

With 13 tracks and bit more than 20 minutes, the EP is a mixture of almost everything that is possible to mix, from

old and recent grindcore (Napalm death, Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Are You God?, Hutt and Japanische

Kampfhoerspiele) with a pinch of Death Metal just like Cannibal Corpse and Black Dahlia Murder.


Thiago Paiva(Drums);
Rafael Parra(Guitars);
Anderson Ferracini(Vocals).

Rafael Parra
(21) 80779261
Anderson Ferracini
(21) 76454711

invito a todos a descargar este tremendo material.



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